Iggy Open Data

We’ve done the drudgework of sourcing, interpreting, and cleaning geographic datasets. It should be easier for data scientists and machine learning engineers to access these data. That’s why we’re releasing ready-to-ingest versions of these datasets so that you can get to work faster.

What’s the difference between Features and Properties?

A Feature is a thing in the world with a geometry and a set of Properties. A Feature’s geometry defines its location. Geometries have types. A Point geometry represents a specific point on the globe, a single longitude and latitude. A Polygon geometry represents a shape that defines a thing or area.

Properties describe a feature. A Feature’s properties are an arbitrary set of key/value pairings like total population: 27465 or bicycle_access: True. Within a dataset, all Features share the same types of key/value pairings (though some can have a null value).

What’s here?

Iggy’s open datasets come in two formats: CSV and GeoJSON.

In CSV format, each row represents a feature. There is always a geometry column that provides the feature geometry in Well-known Text (WKT) string format. The remaining columns each represent a property.

In GeoJSON format, each row is a JSON string giving the geojson representation of a single feature. The JSON has a key ”geometry” that provides the geometry type and coordinates, and a key ”properties” that details the feature property key value pairs.

Know what you’re looking for?

  • Economy

    From data on banks to US census economic data, access what you need to understand the economic landscape around your locations.

  • Environment

    Get access to a wide variety of data about the natural world to get environmental context about your locations.

  • Infrastructure

    Leverage a world of data about the built environment, from power plants to hospitals, in your models, analyses, and more.

  • Insurance

    Access data on a range of hazards and risks to evaluate properties and locations easily.

  • POI (Points of Interest)

    Access the locations and properties of a wide variety of different businesses and POIs.

  • Political/Social

    Leverage Iggy data to ask questions about economic development, demographics and communities to better understand our world.

  • Real Estate

    Use Iggy data to search for nearby businesses, amenities and others that can affect property values and make data-driven decisions about site selection or show users relevant information about the area around a listing.

  • Travel & Leisure

    Green spaces, museums, coffeeshops and more, Iggy’s got what you need to build rich product experiences to make listings standout.