• Economy

    From data on banks to US census economic data, access what you need to understand the economic landscape around your locations.

  • Environment

    Get access to a wide variety of data about the natural world to get environmental context about your locations.

  • Infrastructure

    Leverage a world of data about the built environment, from power plants to hospitals, in your models, analyses, and more.

  • Insurance

    Access data on a range of hazards and risks to evaluate properties and locations easily.

  • POI (Points of Interest)

    Access the locations and properties of a wide variety of different businesses and POIs.

  • Political/Social

    Leverage Iggy data to ask questions about economic development, demographics and communities to better understand our world.

  • Real Estate

    Use Iggy data to search for nearby businesses, amenities and others that can affect property values and make data-driven decisions about site selection or show users relevant information about the area around a listing.

  • Travel & Leisure

    Green spaces, museums, coffeeshops and more, Iggy’s got what you need to build rich product experiences to make listings standout.